Dustin Kensrue

We love our Colorado weddings here at A Music Plus, and we love sharing when couples come up with creative choices for their first dacnce.  Here’s some from this past weekend:

“I love how you curse when you wake up, sweetly demand that I fill your cup…” These are the opening lines to one of this past weekend’s most creative First Dance songs. The song is titled Pistol by Dustin Kensrue, his rugged vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar and lively harmonica riffs. I like that this couple chose something unconventional and unique to represent their love for each other, and it’s rather sweet to hear someone sing about his undying affection for a “hard-headed woman.”

Second for most creative First Dance song is I Could Die For You by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The title pretty much sums it up,and willingness to die for the one you love is the most extreme expression of that, but there are some other interesting lines such as “she smiles while I do my time,” and “what I really want to do is turn into motion beauty that I can’t abuse.” This couple was a huge Chili Peppers fan, and all in all, I admire anyone who can pull off a Red Hot Chili Peppers song for their First Dance.