My brother is getting married this weekend, and since I’m the resident DJ in the family, I was told I’d be in charge of the music for the reception. He sent me a full list of what artists they’d like during the dinner & cocktail hour (easy enough), as well as a list of about 50 songs they wanted for dancing. These songs were about 95% electronic 80’s hits (Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order..) with a few recent songs thrown in the mix. Great for me, just the type of music I like, and the majority of songs will be great for dancing; but if you’re not a big fans of 80’s music, you’re probably not going to be heading to the dance floor. That got me thinking- how do most people decide on what songs they want to hear at their wedding reception? Do they go with just what they want to hear or do they try to make sure that there’s songs that will appeal to everyone at the reception? Me personally, I like the idea of choosing songs that I like (heck, it’s my wedding reception) over choosing songs I know everyone will like. But then I worry if I pick my own personal favorites, will I be the only one the dance floor? What do you think?