Photo: Jennie Lou Art

Oh, wedding season…we love you. Most weddings cover the classics: adorable vows, tears from mom, yummy catered food, and Uncle Jerry’s awkward, spastic dance moves. But don’t you want your wedding to stand out from all the other weddings you’ve been to? Here’s a few unique ways to wow your guests on your special day:


  1. Go BIG with catering

We’ve all had the classic chain restaurant catering at a wedding, and while that Chipotle bowl will never get old, you can have that any day of the week. But this is your special day! Go big with your catering. The more eclectic your menu, the more impressed your guests will be.

      2. Make EVERYTHING interactive

From your cocktail napkins to your guest book, your guests want to be a part of your big day. Making your day as interactive as possible is the perfect way to let your guests know you appreciate them being there with you on your big day.

      3. Create the BEST gift bags ever

Everybody loves free stuff. Especially your wedding guests! And they want to remember your special day (maybe not as much as you do, but they do). Sending them home with a personalized gift basket will thank them and wow them all at the same time.

      4. Include your FUR baby

We can’t think of anything cuter than including your precious pet in your wedding day. Give them a big bowtie or flower necklace and send them down the aisle for an adorable show for your wedding guests.

      5. Get CREATIVE with your sweets

Do you get as excited about wedding sweets as we do? Try giving your guests an experience to remember like when Pineapple Productions served maple bacon funnel cakes and strawberry chili cotton candy from a moving Ferris wheel.

      6. Hire SPECIAL entertainment

This can be a live painter to capture your ceremony, a magician to entertain during cocktail hour, or even games like giant chess or Jenga. You want your guests to remember your special day, so what better way to do that than to entertain like a pro?

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