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There are no doubts that weddings this were pretty crazy. Vendors had to get extra creative to help you plan and create the best wedding during these weird times. Now that 2021 is just around the corner, we want to share our 2021 wedding predictions with you!

We hope this will help outline how this new year and these new regulations will affect the wedding and entertainment business.

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1. Buffet Catering

To start, we think buffet catering will begin to diminish even more than it already has. This is more often than not due to safety concerns, but fear not! Many caterers are adjusting to this change just like you are. Individualized meals are becoming more popular, so why not try it out at your wedding?

2. Virtual Weddings

Another prediction we have about the upcoming wedding season is the continuation of virtual weddings. Not only is it less expensive, but for a lot of couples, it’s simply easier. Family members don’t have to travel, book hotels, rent cars, etc. And the coolest part is you can still have a wedding! Love is not cancelled!

3. Color Pops

We can’t think of a more perfect time than 2021 to bring an extra pop of color to your lives and weddings. Colored suits and wedding dresses are going to be all the rage. We survived one of the toughest years in a long time, so why not do something a little extra and show your festive side through your wedding colors? 

4. Smaller, Intimate Weddings

Smaller, intimate weddings will become much more popular in 2021. This is not only due to safety concerns, but budgeting too. Huge weddings that include your uncle’s cousin’s kiddo are a lot less likely to happen, but it’s just as fun to invite your closest family members and best friends to celebrate your declaration of love. 

All in all…

We know it hasn’t been the year any of us thought it would be, but here at A Music Plus we want to tell you how appreciative we are that we are going to make it through this year with the help, love, and support from our incredible vendors, couples, and team members. 

Thank you to everyone who made this year possible. Cheers to a happy, healthy start to 2021!

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