Every bride dreams of their perfect wedding for years before that special day finally comes. So, why break the budget on expensive decorations when you can get crafty and make these easy, adorable decorations without blowing your whole budget! 

#1 DIY Stationery

It can get expensive to purchase invitations, announcements, etc. for all of your guests. Why not create your own with this simple hack from wondernote.org. Creating calligraphy can be easy if you follow this helpful tutorial. Plus, it’ll save you money in the long run & who doesn’t love that?

#2 DIY Table Plans & Numbers

At most large modern weddings, table plans are very important. Labeling each table with a number and assigning guests to certain tables can be a hassle, but creating your own artsy set-up & numbers can be easy! Try using your new calligraphy skills with this adorable idea from somethingturqouise.com. 

#3 DIY Simple Decor 

Your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels has a huge assortment of decor items for super cheap. Seriously, these places have anything you can think of! Try browsing these stores for small items like ribbon or glitter to see how you can up your decor game and save your money at the same time!

Here at A Music Plus Entertainment, we understand that weddings can get pretty expensive pretty quick. While our job is to provide high-grade music services for you on your special day, we are also always looking for ways to make your wedding as stress free and perfect as you’ve always imagined. We hope you can use these 3 DIY wedding projects for your special day.