While wedding season generally peaks in the summer, fall weddings in September & October are some of our favorites!

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Here at A Music Plus, details are everything. And fall is the BEST time to pay extra close attention to those little details; it’s the perfect time to sneak in those gorgeous burgundies, vibrant oranges, & deep golds. Not to mention how perfectly rustic weddings are during this time of year!

We are falling in love with these adorable fall wedding trends of 2020:

  • Fall bouquets are some of our favorites, & it’s arrangements like these that really bring the fall aesthetic that we know & love to see. With earthy blends of coral, maroon, & blush, your bouquet is sure to scream, “Pumpkin spice season!”
  • Another popular fall wedding trend we are in love with is spicing up the fashion colors. Brides & grooms who include colorful fall accents in their hair or shoes make a unique fashion statement while also adding to the aesthetic of this festive season. 
  • Not only are wooden accents a match made in heaven for a rustic wedding vibe any time of year, but especially during autumn, wood decor like this adds the perfect amount of fall vibes. We love when we see cute wood announcement boards or cocktail hour menus!
  • Festive table toppers are the perfect way to include homey feels during your wedding. Spreading some leaves, gold glitter, and maybe even pumpkins around the center of the table will tie together perfectly the fall feels with the wedding decor. 
  • We can’t forget about everyone’s favorite part: the cake! We can’t think of a better opportunity to go all out with the autumn decor. Leaves, flowers, even branches—you name it! Any of these (or all of them) will look perfect on any wedding cake and make the guests feel like they are in autumn heaven.