Music is all around us—on the television, on the radio, out in stores and restaurants. But certain music is appropriate for certain times. For instance, when dining at a fancier restaurant, rap music is probably not playing over the speakers. Most people don’t listen to classical music while they’re working out. 

So, what is the perfect music to play at a wedding? What if your favorite kind of music is your family’s least favorite music? Do you make your guests happy by not playing your go to dance song? 

These questions can seem daunting, so here are a few suggestions to help you pick the perfect wedding music for your special day.

1. Live Music or a DJ?

While both DJs and bands are great for weddings, they both have their own strengths. A DJ can play any song at any time within seconds of the request, but they are limited to pre recorded songs. On the other hand, bands can throw in their own versions of popular songs, but are only limited to the songs they know. So whether you go with a DJ or a live musician / band, keep those in mind!

2. Pick Your Must Haves First

Most couples have “the song” in mind for their first dance, for their ceremony, even sometimes for the cake cutting! We know a lot of great songs, but if you have the perfect song for certain times in your wedding, let us know and we will be more than happy to play them for you! You know what you want, so let us know too and we’ll make it happen.

3. Then Pick Your Least Favorite Songs

It’s important to play your favorite songs at your wedding, but it’s also important to let the DJ or musicians know if there are certain songs you can’t stand. While your Aunt Lucy might love to get down to Love Shack, you or your spouse might cringe by even thinking about that song. But overall, it’s your day. Aunt Lucy will survive without Love Shack.

4. What Vibe Do You Want at Your Wedding?

Is your wedding a romantic, fairytale theme? A bohemian, rustic vibe? Maybe a simple, elegant occasion? Whatever your theme is, keep it in mind when selecting your music. It’s one thing to listen to your favorite Skrillex songs at a summer concert, but it’s another thing to play them surrounded by fairy lights and flowers in an expensive gown.

5. Trust The Professionals

We have been in this business for over 30 years. It’s safe to say, we think, that we know a thing or two about picking the perfect wedding music for your day. If you have every single song picked out for your wedding, that’s awesome! Or if you have a few of your favorites picked out and need help with the rest, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you have no idea where to even start. In that case, no need to stress! We will help you select the perfect playlist for your perfect day.