Some traditions, like the bouquet toss and garter toss, have become less popular at weddings. Some brides are looking for ways to have a unique modern wedding. Over the past few years, we have enjoyed seeing the creativity from our happy couples as they integrate new events into their special days. Here are a few:

Anniversary Dance:

Probably just as popular (if not more) than the bouquet toss these days, this is a way to acknowledge the married rather than single guests at your wedding. Have the DJ bring the married couples to the dance floor, and as the song proceeds, the DJ asks couples to leave based on how many years they’ve been married. By the end of the song, the longest-married couple is left and they are given the bouquet, sometimes the garter (or a personalized gift.)

All Women Bouquet Toss:

Why exclude your female married guests?  Some people choose to bring out all their female friends & toss the bouquet to them.  This way you won’t embarrass the women who don’t like being ‘singled out.’ And everyone gets to enjoy the fun!

 Gifts to all the Single Ladies:

At a few weddings, we’ve seen brides give something to all the single women in the crowd. Sometimes it’s a wedding favor, gift, or one flower from the bouquet. Cute, right?

Breakaway Bouquet:

Work with your florist to create a bouquet that will “fall apart” when thrown. Typically it’s a loose bouquet where the ribbon holding it together is simply removed.  When thrown into the crowd, the bouquet separates and many guests get the flowers. We’ve also seen it where the large bouquet is made up of 3-5 smaller bouquets and those fall to multiple lucky women.

Circle Dance:

In this alternative, the single women hold hands & form a circle around the blindfolded bride.  At one point during the song, the circle stops and the bride reaches out and hands her bouquet to the woman directly facing her. The lucky lady gets to keep the bouquet!

Logistics tip:

Whatever you choose, do the toss (es) right after the cake cutting.  This gives the caterer time to cut and serve the cake while your guests are being entertained!