We’re not going to lie…wedding ceremonies are our favorite! There is nothing cuter than a dolled up little flower girl walking down the aisle, tossing flower petals all over the place, smiling like there’s no tomorrow! But sometimes couples want something beyond the traditional flower petals. We have seen so many creative alternative ideas for flower girls, similar to some of these ideas, so we thought we’d share some with you today!

#1 Balloons

Balloon flower girl
Photo: Valorie Darling Photography

We love this alternative, and the kids really love it too!

#2 Confetti

Confetti Flower Girl
Photo: Invitations by Dawn

Confetti looks similar to flower petals, but you can get a great pop of color!

#3 Leaves

Fall Leaves Flower Girl
Photo: The Knot

Perfect for a fall wedding, and just as fun as flower petals!

#4 Pets

Pets with Flower Girls
Photo: Pinterest

As if the flower girls aren’t cute enough already!