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The 2023 wedding season is upon us, and we are seeing some new, fun trends. From inventive cocktail hour treats to over-the-top exits, we are here for it all! Check out some of the most fun wedding trends of 2023:



What’s better than singing your favorite songs with all your friends and family? And who would have thought that you can do it at your wedding?? It’s a no-brainer; karaoke is a must and it is coming in full swing this year!


Day Time Weddings

Weddings have begun to be more casual over the years, and this year we are seeing a lot more daytime weddings. Why not have a daytime wedding so you can throw an after-party throughout the night?


Charcuterie Boards

You can never go wrong with a beautiful charcuterie board, so why not include it in your wedding? Rather than alternative cocktail hour snacks that have been popular throughout the years, spice up your wedding with new and exciting treats!


Bigger Everything

Since the pandemic, this is the first wedding season that couples and their guests are ready to party. We are seeing bigger everything – bigger bridal parties, bigger cakes, and bigger invite lists. Bigger is better!


Over-The-Top Grand Exits

Grand exits have not always been very popular, but now more than ever we are seeing huge grand exits with different fun additions like bubbles, streamers, balloons, and flower pedals. We love to see couples ride off in style!


Disco Balls

Disco balls are such a fun way to incorporate a retro vibe into your wedding, and we are seeing them everywhere! From actual disco balls hanging from the ceiling, to mini disco ball décor throughout the wedding, we just can’t get enough!


Shorter, More Casual Ceremonies

We have seen a trend in shortened ceremonies this year, and we think it’s here to stay. Guests are eager to grab a drink and a snack, then get to dancing! Ceremonies that are short and sweet are the way to go this year.


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