Each year, A Music Plus gathers applicants and eager participants for the Rocky Mountain Entertainers Academy DJ training program. RMEA teaches individuals with a passion for music and entertaining, regardless of their background and previous experience, the art and service of being a mobile entertainer.

This spring is no exception, with over 100 applicants and 20 individuals accepted into the program. Throughout the course of 5 months, these eager applicants are taught all of the necessary skills to becoming a DJ for A Music Plus. We use a combination of:

  • Intensive in-house sessions
    • This is where DJs in training are taugh each individual skill in a simulated setting before going out into the field.
  • Field observations
    • This is when interns are able to watch various DJs at live events & learn their styles in order to help cultivate their own.

After completing the required hours and field training, each of the interns is offered the option to take a comprehensive written test and perform a talent audition to gain a position as a DJ with A Music Plus.

The competition is fierce and while many aspire to be a DJ with A Music Plus. we only keep the best. In 2009, we had 46 interns compete and perform for the opportunity to be considered among the elite ranks of an A Music Plus DJ and of those 46, we ultimately kept 12.

Are you interested or know anyone who might be interested in becoming a DJ at A Music Plus? Contact us and let us know! You could become the next best DJ here at A Music Plus!