Picking a First Dance can be one of the most frustrating and exhausting tasks when it comes to selecting music for your wedding. I have long envied those couples who have “their song,” as if they were predestined to dance to it. But for some us, it’s not that easy. So what is it that makes the “perfect” First Dance, and is it even possible to find one? I hope to give insight to some of you lost souls out there:

1. Send A Message- find a song that resonates with you as a couple- will it be about romance… friendship… commitment… or laughter and fun? Express yourself!

2. Listen To The Lyrics- this may sound silly, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people choose songs that sent a wrong, embarrassing, or uncomfortable message lyrically.

3. Find A Genre You Both Like- often times a couple has different tastes in music, so be willing to compromise on something you both like, even if it’s not your personal favorite.

4. Practice Before Picking- if you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few songs, practice dancing to them before you decide; this will give you a real feel for what it will be like.

5. Don’t Worry About Length- if a song is too long, or has a long intro you don’t like, no worries- your DJ can fade in/out the beginning/end of a song if needed.

6. Be True To Yourselves- though others will be watching & listening to your First Dance, don’t get too caught up in what others think or like- it’s YOUR wedding, after all!

There are no set rules when it comes to your First Dance, so have fun and make it about you & your love! And if all else fails, don’t be afraid to choose a song that is “typical” or “traditional,”- there’s a reason why they’re so popular!