We are often asked what types of music services we offer for weddings and special events. Below is a list of what we can do to make your wedding day magical.


Wedding DJ

Corporate DJ

Dance Party DJ

Karaoke DJ

Special Event DJ

DJ Emcee

Solo Musicians:

Solo Piano

Solo Guitar

Solo Violin

Solo Cello

Solo Harp

Wedding Pianist

Wedding Guitarist

Wedding Violinist

Wedding Cellist

Wedding Harpist


String Duo

String Trio

String Quartet

Jazz Duo

Jazz Trio

Jazz Quartet

Bluegrass Duo

Bluegrass Trio

Bluegrass Quartet

Country Duo

Country Trio

Country Quartet

Wedding String Music

Wedding Jazz Music


Variety Dance Band

Wedding Dance Band

Country Band

Wedding Country Band

Bluegrass Band

Wedding Bluegrass Band

Wedding Jazz Band


Photo Booth



& SO much more! 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t panic! Contact us and we will make it work for you!


Denver DJ

DJ Denver

DJ in Denver

Denver Wedding DJ

Colorado DJ

DJ Colorado

DJ in Colorado

Colorado Wedding DJ

Denver Solo Piano

Denver Solo Guitar

Denver Solo Violin

Denver Solo Cello

Denver Solo Harp

Denver Wedding Pianist

Denver Wedding Guitarist

Denver Wedding Violinist

Denver Wedding Cellist

Denver Wedding Harpist

Colorado Solo Piano

Colorado Solo Guitar

Colorado Solo Violin

Colorado Solo Cello

Colorado Solo Harp

Colorado Wedding Pianist

Colorado Wedding Guitarist

Colorado Wedding Violinist

Colorado Wedding Cellist

Colorado Wedding Harpist

Denver String Duo

Denver String Trio

Denver String Quartet

Denver Jazz Duo

Denver Jazz Trio

Denver Jazz Quartet

Denver Bluegrass Duo

Denver Bluegrass Trio

Denver Bluegrass Quartet

Denver Country Duo

Denver Country Trio

Denver Country Quartet

Denver Wedding String Music

Denver Wedding Jazz Music

Colorado String Duo

Colorado String Trio

Colorado String Quartet

Colorado Jazz Duo

Colorado Jazz Trio

Colorado Jazz Quartet

Colorado Bluegrass Duo

Colorado Bluegrass Trio

Colorado Bluegrass Quartet

Colorado Country Duo

Colorado Country Trio

Colorado Country Quartet

Colorado Wedding String Music

Colorado Wedding Jazz Music

Denver Variety Dance Band

Denver Wedding Dance Band

Denver Country Band

Denver Wedding Country Band

Denver Bluegrass Band

Denver Wedding Bluegrass Band

Denver Wedding Jazz Band

Colorado Variety Dance Band

Colorado Wedding Dance Band

Colorado Country Band

Colorado Wedding Country Band

Colorado Bluegrass Band

Colorado Wedding Bluegrass Band

Colorado Wedding Jazz Band