Photo: Hello Magazine

We know we don’t have to tell you that weddings take a lot of planning and organization. Perhaps you’ve hired a wedding planner to help your big day run smoothly. Or maybe you’re so on top of things that you started planning years ago so you wouldn’t be so stressed out the month before your wedding.

Whether you’re a quick thinker or a long time planner, we wanted to share our ultimate wedding checklist with you with hopes that we can help your dream wedding go just like you always imagined it!

✓ Budget

It is essential to budget for your wedding. There are the basic wedding costs like the vendors, the dress, and more. But there are also many small expenses that may come up last minute. We recommend preplanning how much you are willing to pay for each detail, and saving a little extra for anything that might come up that you didn’t think about beforehand.

✓ Select Venue

It’s your big day! You should host this big day at the venue that screams “get married here” to you and your partner. Once you’ve selected the venue you want to say “I do” at, you will feel grounded, excited, and ready to continue planning for your dream wedding.

✓ Guest List

This part can be tricky. How many people are we going to invite? Should we invite Aunt Cathy who I’ve never even met before? It can take a lot of time and planning to narrow down who you want to invite, who can fit at your selected venue, and how much food to cater (because we all know cousin John will have 3 servings). Beginning this a good amount of time ahead of everything else will save you in the long run.

✓ Hire Vendors

From photographers to DJ’s to the glam squad, hiring vendors is one of the biggest processes in wedding planning. But don’t fear! Your vendors are here to help with everything leading up to your big day. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!

✓ Write Vows

If you choose to write your own vows, you’ll want to spend a good amount of time on them. Write a few rough drafts, edit, pour your heart into them. Even if you’re not writing your own, still take some time to go over your lines so you won’t be so nervous on your wedding day. You want to deliver your lines confidently!

✓ Book Honeymoon

If you and your soon-to-be husband or wife are taking a honeymoon, book it a decent amount of time in advance. You will be busy planning last minute details, so if you book ahead of time, you won’t have to stress out about it later. Don’t forget: nicer destinations are often booked up quickly!

✓ Trial Run

It’s a good idea to test your wedding makeup, hair, and spray tan one or two times before your big day. Trialing your wedding dress a few days before your wedding can be a good idea too! You want to make sure you look exactly how you want when the time comes. Plus, it’s always fun to play dress-up!

Now…need help deciding if you want a DJ or a live band?