At your wedding, it is our goal (and the goal of all your other vendors) to ensure the day runs as smooth and as perfect as you’ve always imagined. Part of the success of your perfect day is that you are comfortable. However, it is often hard to be comfortable and the best dressed, which you should be too. You want to stand out for your family / friends and put on your best show. So why not be comfortable and best dressed at the same time?

We know most people have a love hate relationship with high heels, so maybe you’re not so down for the heels? Here are some of our favorite wedding shoe alternatives.

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  1. Converse

You don’t have to host a Footloose themed wedding to bust out your favorite pair of converse. Not only are they comfy, they also add a laid back, unique aesthetic to your dream wedding!

  1. Sandals

Looking for a beachy vibe at your wedding? Why not wear your favorite sandals? You can bedazzle them and steal the show with the cutest, sparkliest (and comfiest) shoes of the night!

  1. Doc Martens

Doc Martens are the perfect edgy, punk chic wedding shoe alternative. Plus, they are durable, so if the dance floor gets crazy, your feet will be protected. No bruises for you!

  1. Snow Boots
Photo: Pinterest

Winter weddings are some of the most gorgeous weddings. The snow gives the perfect amount of sparkle. But it’s cold! So bedazzle some cute snow boots, bundle up, and keep your toes warm!

  1. Cowgirl Boots
Photo: Pinterest

For all you cowgirls out there—getting dressed up doesn’t mean you are forced to wear uncomfortable heels. Why not rock your cutest blingy cowgirl boots? You do you, boo!

  1. No Shoes
Photo: Amazon

Ultimate comfort? No shoes! No one ever said you had to wear shoes, so why not go barefoot? This is especially perfect for beach weddings. You can even add some bling to spice it up!