Spring weddings are absolutely gorgeous. We think of the freshly blooming flowers, everything turning green and coming back to life. And of course there are the warm, sunny days! However, there are bees and some other drawbacks that tend to come along with them. Consider our ‘pros and cons’ list when booking your spring wedding!

Pro: Sunny Skies

Springtime is when we can all take a deep breath of relief that the warm weather is once again here! Winter can seem like it lasts forever, so planning a spring weather is the perfect time to soak up the sun before it gets too hot.

Con: Wary Weather

Although spring can be sunny and 75, the weather (especially here in Colorado) can be totally unpredictable. From a sunny morning to afternoon showers to freezing night time temperatures, we get it all! Keep this in mind when planning your wedding.

Pro: Fresh Flowers

April showers bring May flowers! We love seeing the world come back to live during spring. A spring wedding will be filled with fresh flowers, perfect for the new growth seen everywhere!

Con: Buzzing Bees

Spring flowers are gorgeous, but with flowers comes our buzzing little yellow friends. Keep this in mind when planning a spring wedding, as this might prove to be an issue with allergies or fearful family members.

Pro: Festive Family

Traveling during the winter months can be a nightmare; snow, sleet, and slush are not fun or safe! Holding a spring wedding is a great way to ensure all your family members and guests will arrive safe and (hopefully) not cold!

Con: Overlapping Occasions

Although hosting your wedding in the spring ensures safe travel for all of your guests, keep in mind the other holidays that could overlap with your special day–Easter (April 12th), Mother’s Day (the second Sunday of May), and various other holidays.

Pro: Escape Expenses

Planning a spring wedding rather than a summer wedding can cut the cost of your wedding by, sometimes, a lot. Consider this when planning your wedding. Extra money from your budget can be spent on additional services or décor!

Con: Valuable Vendors

While spring weddings are generally cheaper than summer weddings, vendors generally tend to  begin raising their prices as soon as the weather begins to warm up. If you’re looking for the least expensive time to tie the knot, look to do so in the winter!

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