Weddings occur everyday around the world. Most couples want to wow their guests, but maybe aren’t sure how to, so they play it safe and go the traditional route – the white dress, the basic dinner menu, the bouquet toss. We’ve seen our fair share of weddings and have created a list of unique wedding ideas that are sure to win over your guests and leave them wishing the night would never end.


1. Take Song Requests

A unique way to get your guest’s input on what songs they would like to hear is to ask them to write a song request as their RSVP. Instead of a traditional “check yes or no” prompt, why not ask them to write down 1 song request? This will get all your guests on the dance floor and is sure to generate a fun dance playlist full of different genres of music that everyone is sure to enjoy.


2. Create a Custom Monogram

What better way to add your unique personal touch to your wedding décor than creating a personal monogram of you and your soon-to-be spouse’s initials? You can add your personalized monogram to everything from your napkins to custom signs and even to your cake. Here at A Music Plus we can even create a custom monogrammed light for your dance floor! This is sure to leave your guests feeling the love.


3. Craft an Eclectic Menu

Rather than a traditional meal at your wedding, try to add a unique spin on your favorite dishes by making your menu personal. Try a significant dish like the first meal you and your fiancé had together. You could recreate a favorite childhood meal your mother used to make or how about adding a touch of home by serving your hometown’s local favorite? The possibilities are endless!


4. Spice Up Your Seating

In a traditional ceremony, your guests are seated in rows facing the altar. But we love when our couples spice up their seating with unique arrangements and angles. Setting the altar in the middle with chairs surrounding it in a circle creates a much more personal feel. You can also have fun with your seating by opting for different, unique chairs for a more interactive experience for your guests.


5. Utilize Family Dessert Recipes

Wedding cakes can be unique with different cake toppers, but we love to see our couples get creative with different dessert options. From custom cookies to grandma’s apple pie recipe, there are no limits. If your favorite dessert is ice cream, serve ice cream! You might love cinnamon rolls, so why not serve cinnamon rolls? You can even have multiple desserts to ensure every one of your guests is satisfied with their options.


6. Add a Photo Booth

Photo booths have never failed to bring even more fun to your wedding. Guests love to get in there and make funny faces. Plus, with our photo booths here at A Music Plus, you will receive every photo that was taken so you can make a little coffee table book full of memories to cherish forever. This is a great way to get any kiddos at your wedding more engaged. And trust us, grandma loves the photo booth too!


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