We’ve been in the DJ business for over 30 years, so we think it is safe to say we’ve been asked nearly every question in the book by now. Planning an event can be scary and stressful, but we’re the fun part: the dance party! But that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions for us. In fact, we have a friendly staff in the office Monday – Saturday to answer any questions you might have. We are dedicated to help relieve as much stress as possible and are happy to email, hop on a call, or meet in person at any time.


That being said, we tend to hear a lot of the same questions asked pretty regularly. We hope our FAQ section on our website is helpful to clients, so why not write a blog post too? Here are the top questions we hear on a frequent basis – answered!


Do you select the music or do we?

It’s your day, so we will be as involved as you’d like us to be in the selection of music for your special day. We can pick all the music or none at all, it’s really up to you! Once you pick the music you’d like, then we fill in all the gaps to make sure your event is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. You will be asked to fill out a “Must Play” and a “Must Not Play’ list to ensure your DJ knows exactly what you want to hear.


Do you take requests?

Yes! We have a large selection of songs that we update weekly, so the chances are high that we have the top trending songs and the oldest throwbacks in the book. But again, this is completely up to you. If you have a certain playlist that you want us to play, we will stick to it. On the other hand, if you are going to allow requests, we will be happy to play what any of your guests want to hear. We want to keep your dance floor packed!


Does our contracted time include set up & take down?

The time frame that you contract with us is strictly for time when music is being played. It does not include set up or take down. You can use the contracted time for prelude, ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing – whatever you choose. There are no hidden charges of any kind (set up, break down, travel, taxes, etc.) – it is truly one price for our entire service. And we are happy to adjust your time for you as needed.


Can we bring our own music?

Absolutely! Some clients like to provide their own music in advance, whether it’s a Spotify playlist they’ve created together, or a meaningful recorded track. We are more than willing to work with you to make sure we have all the music you need to make your day special and memorable.


Do you offer any extra services or lighting?

We have everything you could possibly need. And if we don’t, we will find someone who can get it for you! From photo booths with props and greenscreens to karaoke and slideshow projectors, we can accommodate anything you can think of! We also have a variety of lighting options including uplights in various colors, monogrammed dance floor lights, and more.


How many DJ’s are on your staff?

We keep a variety of about 20-30 DJ’s on our staff at all times, depending on the season and demand. As far as DJ personalities, we have an insane variety. We have males, females, age ranges from 18 to 58, multiple ethnic backgrounds, gay, straight, and everyone in between. We personally pair you with the DJ we feel will best fit your needs and wants.


Do you offer live music too?

Live music is a great enhancement to any event, and we are more than happy to include it for yours! We have soloists, ensembles and bands, playing most any style of music you could want. We work with the area’s finest musicians and bands to ensure quality at every event. While we are a DJ company, we also understand that live music brings a feeling that no DJ can touch, so we love working with live musicians!


After all is said and done, we hope you trust that we are here to help. We know your event is special to you and we want to make your vision come to life. We’re always available to answer any other questions you have!


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