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Weddings can be big or small, elegant or full of festivities, but one tradition seems to remain constant no matter what the wedding looks like: the wedding speeches. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and even grandparents are overjoyed to see their loved one beginning their happily ever after, so everyone wants a chance to put in a few words. Public speaking, however, does not come easily to all of us. Here is our advice on how to give the best wedding speech ever!


  • Avoid Alcohol Beforehand

    • It’s a party and of course you want to have a good time, but keep in mind that alcohol can cause slurred speech and forgetfulness. The last thing you want to do is forget your lines while the whole room is looking at you. So it’s best to save the drinks for after your speech. Just make sure you have a drink to toast with at the end of your speech!
  • Practice, Practice and Then Some More Practice

    • One of the public speaking “must-dos” is to practice your speech beforehand. In front of a mirror, in front of your significant other, even in front of your dog. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel when it’s the real deal. If you practice enough, you can even work on memorization, which shows the audience that your speech is truly coming from your heart.
  • Avoid Too Many Inside Jokes, But Include Humor

    • We’re sure you have plenty of inside jokes, as you should! But not everyone will know what you’re referencing or be able to laugh along with you if your speech has too many of them. That being said, be sure to include humor! Embarrassing stories involving the bride or groom are a perfect way to get the audience laughing, especially adorable stories about when they were little troublemakers.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet

    • Chances are, there are going to be a handful of speeches and toasts, so try to keep yours short and sweet so other guests have time to give their own speech. Introduce yourself, explain how you know the bride or groom, tell a story or two, throw in a couple jokes, and raise a glass to the newly married couple. Plus, it’s easier to memorize shorter speeches, so this will help with memorization!
  • Make It Personal

    • While you don’t want to have too many jokes that only the bride or groom will understand, it is perfectly okay to tell a story or two about your childhood together or about your crazy college years. This will make the bride or groom reminisce about the “good ol’ days” and is sure to get plenty of smiles and heartfelt sighs from the audience.
  • Raise A Toast

    • After all is said and done, it’s always good to end the speech by asking everyone to raise their glass and toast the newlyweds. This is a great way to wrap things up and put the focus back on the whole reason everyone is there in the first place. You can also thank vendors or family members for setting up and executing such a beautiful wedding.

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