As we start to see the newest wedding trends of the 2022 wedding season emerge, we are buzzing with excitement. Life is starting to feel a little more normal than the past couple years have, and people are ready for it. 2022 is expected to see more weddings in a single year than it has in over 15 years! Big weddings, bold colors, and weekend long celebrations are on the rise. Read on to see what else 2022 has in store!


Ground Arches

The rise of the ground arch is really the beginning to a whole new era. Florists are ecstatic to branch out and get the opportunity to be creative with their arches and floral arrangements, and honestly, we are too!


Large Weddings

2020 and 2021 were filled with small weddings. In fact, 2020 saw half the amount of weddings that 2022 is expected to see. So, we think it’s safe to assume that this year’s weddings are going to be bigger and better than ever!


Open Tents

Throughout the last couple years, we have grown very accustomed to hosting outdoor parties and events. Open tents are expected to appear a lot more this year, which is an thrilling new trend we’re looking forward to witnessing!


Hanging Florals

As if the ground arches weren’t exciting enough, hanging florals are expected to become even more popular than they already are! These fairytale-like decorations are a favorite of ours and we just can’t get enough.


Less Toasting, More Dancing

Large weddings that are expected to make a comeback this year, so we are expecting to see packed dancefloors all year long. People are eager to make up for all the lost time when we were stuck in quarantine and the dance floor is the perfect place to do it.


Vibrant Colors

Over the past couple years, muted tones and earthy colors were all the rage and the colors seen at most weddings. 2022 is expected to be more of a party year, so look out for bright, bold colors coming your way!


Elopements/Weekday Weddings

Many of us have grown closer with our family (whether we like it or not) in the past few years. Elopements and smaller, intimate weddings are a great way for couples to feel comfortable and continue to grow their bond with their closest family and friends.


Soft Blues (Bridgerton Theme)

Although bold, bright colors are thought to become very popular this year, some couples might, instead, go the opposite way. Soft blues and pastels are becoming popular in imitation of the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton. Give us all the 1800’s vibes!


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